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Iluma Innovation Labs

1307 Person St, Durham, NC 27703

Animal Health

The Iluma Alliance is  an ecosystem that creates value for the feed and food industry—an ecosystem for innovation where new technologies grow to contribute to a better-nourished world with evidence-based solutions. To achieve our purpose, we are constantly building a network of people and partners who want to contribute their expertise, experience, and capabilities to speed up our processes and design solutions for a more significant impact. 

Our products and services are commercially deployed by our allies Premex, Alura, Okuo, Asimetrix and Nutreo.

ImmunoReagents Inc.

6003 Chapel Hill Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607

Animal Health

ImmunoReagents is the direct US manufacturer of quality antibodies and reagents used in research and in vitro diagnostics. With their location in close proximity to NCSU Veterinary School and the veterinary market for antibodies showing significant potential, ImmunoReagents is working on a product line expansion that would benefit the livestock community.

Indigo Agriculture

5 Laboratory Drive, Research Triangle, NC 27709

Food Tech

Indigo develops microbial and digital technologies that improve grower profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health. These technologies underpin its pioneering business model, which spans agriculture?s full value chain.

IngateyGen LLC

2 Davis Drive, Durham, NC 27709

Food Tech

IngateyGen is using innovative molecular biology techniques to not just improve peanut traits, but we aim to eradicate the biggest challenges facing peanut as a crop. IngateyGen's mission is to deliver innovative peanut varieties with improved safety and nutritional value to enhance health and wellness benefits for consumers by partnering with the peanut value chain. The flagship project is an allergen-free peanut variety, and additionally IngateyGen is working to develop a non-separating peanut butter as well as a high protein peanut variety.  

Inter-regional Research Project #4

, , NC

The Inter-regional Research Project No. 4 ? IR-4 for short ? conducts the investigations necessary to register chemical pesticides and biopesticides used on hundreds of the nation?s smaller-volume specialized crops. These include fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, spices, ornamentals and flowers that are used for food or medicinal purposes, or that are visually appealing.

Isagro USA Inc.

430 Davis Drive, Morrisville, NC 27560

Food Tech

Isagro is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Isagro SpA that sells and markets crop protection products. They offer an ever-expanding bio-solutions portfolio designed to serve growers seeking to meet consumer demand for more natural and organic food production.