Why The Region


Rich Legacy in Agriculture + Home to a Global Workforce

The Research Triangle region of North Carolina is an academic and agricultural powerhouse. The Triangle region is known for its highly-skilled workforce, top resources for research and development, strategic east coast location, and wide range of industry sectors.

Room to Collaborate with Plenty of Room to Grow


The Research Triangle region is widely known as one of the most collaborative areas in the country. The local business ecosystem is hardwired to support and cooperate with companies. It’s a real and tangible benefit of operating an AgTech business in the Triangle. 

The deep commitment to partnerships and collaborations comes from a culture of willingness to share intellectual resources, foster innovation, and conduct research and development in all fields. You’ll find that universities, state government, and private industry partners are motivated by collective success.

Whether you need support in expanding your business, lab equipment for testing, research to drive product development, or funding to scale, finding the right partnership is the easiest part.

A Rich Partnership

Partnerships between industry leaders and universities are a competitive advantage for many AgTech companies in the Triangle region. From accessing young talent to utilizing the expertise of educators, real-world experience and higher education yields new, innovative ideas.

High-Powered Talent


What we call “Human Capital” is one of the most abundant resources in the Triangle region. With over 50% of the local population graduating with a bachelor's degree or higher and access to three-tier-one research universities (Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC State University)  and multiple other colleges and universities specializing in agriculture (North Carolina Agricultural and Technology University), biotechnology, and life sciences, companies can recruit the best of the best. 

Not only is a highly educated workforce at your fingertips, but you also have access to seasoned business leaders, faculty members, engineers, scientists, producers, farmers, growers, you name it. Our human capital goes beyond campus, where companies operating in the Triangle can access all levels of cross-trained, experienced, and passionate talent.

Tap into the Triangle

In the Triangle region, being the best in your field is easy. With our unique ability to create collaborations and partnerships and our experienced and educated workforce, tap into the Triangle to learn more about how your AgTech company can thrive. 

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Top Global Biotechnology Hub (Raleigh-Durham, NC, Hickey & Assoc., 2022)



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