Animal Health


The health and welfare of our livestock and poultry depend on the rapid advancement and optimization of animal biology.

A growing community of Animal Health companies and startups call the Triangle Region home. These companies partake in local resources such as partnerships, networking, specialized education programs, and assistance with business operations. All these benefits contribute to company growth.

A New Corridor for Animal Health



Getting your hands dirty is a normal part of working in the Animal Health sub-sector. In the Triangle Region, access to livestock and poultry is not a hurdle for local companies. In fact, as one of the most well-known agricultural states in the U.S., the supply of animals for testing and trials is abundant thanks to partnership programs with educational institutions like North Carolina State University or rural counties of North Carolina. You’ll also have access to partners and other companies specializing in animal-grade feed, shipping, medication, supplements, equipment, veterinary care, and more.

Cross-Trained Talent

Animal Health companies require cross-trained talent in several academic fields. For example, Triangle-based Animal Health companies have teams of engineers, software developers, and biologists trained to work with animals and attorneys and accountants familiar with the ag industry. Most graduates from regional or state education institutions participate in integrated learning, where students interact with experts, industry leaders, and farmers to gain deep experience in the animal industry.

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Rooted in Research

North Carolina State University College of Agriculture and Life Science (CALS) is in Raleigh and part of the Triangle region. The college has 18 stations across the state and leads one of six Poultry Science programs and one of two Feedmilling programs (in the U.S.) Additionally, AgTech companies in the Triangle have a significant on-campus presence. Faculty and industry leaders work in tandem to educate the next generation of talent. A prime example of the types of work done at CALS is an early partnership with Advanced Animal Diagnostics (AAD.) AAD is an Animal Health company and developer of rapid diagnostic and data systems for livestock. AAD partnered with NC State to test its proprietary lab system and proved its superiority to other technologies.

Real Life

The College of Veterinary Medicine at North Carolina State University ranks among the best schools in the nation. The curriculum offers more than 30 disciplines taught by some of the best faculty and clinicians in the world. The hands-on experience, clinical trials, and research and development occur at the 250-acre Centennial Biomedical Campus, which includes an 80-acre Teaching Animal Unit, 100,000-square-foot College Research Building, and a working farm. Many Triangle companies partner with the veterinary school on various projects, and the partnership is an advantage of working in the region. Ann Black, the CEO of ImmunoReagents, a manufacturer of antibodies and reagents founded at NC State’s Centennial Campus, calls North Carolina “the Ag State!”


Have It All

One of the most significant selling points for Animal Health companies is operating close to the State Capital (Raleigh.) Companies have access to local government, state organizations, funding, and more. Organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, the Council for Entrepreneurial Development, and the NC World Trade Association are a few organizations that have access to the Triangle. And it doesn’t hurt that North Carolina’s moderate climate and four seasons keeps you outside all year long.