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5 Laboratory Drive, Durham, NC 27709

Plant Science

Headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, 5Metis is a new pure-play discovery company for crop health. Founded in 2021, the company is the result of a union of Boragen and AgriMetis platforms, to combine boron-based small molecule discovery and synthetic biology for discovering new modes of action. 5Metis has a business model focus of R&D partnerships on de-risked compounds with an attractive biological profile.

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd

3120 Highwoods Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27604

Food Tech

ADAMA is a leading manufacturer and distributer of crop protection solutions in the US. Their focus is in crop protection products, including insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and harvest aids.

Advanced Animal Diagnostics

633 Davis Dr #460, Morrisville, NC 27560

Animal Health

AAD develops and commercializes diagnostics to detect and manage disease states, reproductive, nutritional and overall health status of production animals. Their rapid and accurate onsite disease prediction and detection help producers to provide more precise animal care and meet the growing global demand for quality protein.

Advanced Laboratories Inc.

8969 Cleveland Rd, Clayton, NC 27520

Food Tech

Advanced Laboratories is a full service accredited independent testing laboratory that provides chemical and microbiological analysis of dietary supplements and food products. Their business partner approach gives significant value-added to analysis from microbiology experts.

AgBiome, Inc.

104 T. W. Alexander Drive, Durham, NC 27709

Food Tech

AgBiome? partners with the microbial world to improve our planet. AgBiome discovers and develops innovative biological and trait products for crop protection. Their proprietary GENESIS? discovery platform efficiently captures diverse, unique microbes for agriculturally relevant applications, and screens them with industry-best assays for insect, disease, and nematode control. Through its commercial subsidiary, AgBiome develops and sells proprietary crop protection solutions. The first of these, Howler?, is a revolutionary fungicide for disease control in a broad variety of crops. AgBiome has global R&D and product development partnerships with some of the world?s largest agriculture companies including: BASF, Elanco Animal Health Incorporated, FarmHannong, Genective, The Mosaic Company, Tropical Melhoramento e Gen?tica (TMG), and Sumitomo Corporation.


5 Laboratory Drive, Durham, NC 27709

Ag Data Science

Agerpoint is a geospatial intelligence and data engineering company which develop technologies to digitize, analyze, and comprehend natural environments. They focus on a combination of artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, and advanced analytics to produce data across a range of sectors such as agrochemical, production agriculture, and conservation originations.

AgEye Technologies

4819 Emperor Boulevard, Durham, NC 27703

Ag Data Science

AgEye develops software and sensor solutions that use artificial intelligence to improve the quality, predictability and profitability of indoor farms through autonomous systems. AgEye focuses on innovations that help to produce better tasting, healthier crops that generate more profit per square foot while also giving better visibility into large scale farming operations.


4070 Barrett Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609

AgWorx sells precision agriculture technologies to enhance crop yield and reduce farm input costs. AgWorx also supports customers through the adoption process and provides installation services, repair services and education services.


1307 Person St, Durham, NC 27513

Animal Health

Provides the animal protein industry with feed additives for food animal health and nutrition. Alura innovates to create more efficient processes geared towards our food animals industry's productive growth and building more prosperous societies.

Aniluxx Biotechnology

7030 Sandy Forks Road, Raleigh, NC 27615

Animal Health

Aniluxx is a development stage biopharmaceutical company with a mission to improve animal health and well-being. They develop novel topical therapeutics for animals that are easy to apply, virtually unnoticeable, and do not have the harsh side effects of oral medicines.

Arbiom Inc

4222 Emperor Blvd, Durham, NC 27703

Food Tech

Airbiom is pioneering the next evolution in the food chain, with technology that converts wood into a high-protein ingredient for aquaculture and animal feed. They are working to expanding the production potential with less resources to address society?s growing nutritional needs.


, , NC 27703

Ag Data Science

A global agricultural data company offering animal food companies data and analytics solutions. Asimetrix uses cloud computing, sensors, and machine learning to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of farm pipelines and processes.

Atticus LLC

5000 CentreGreen Way, Cary, NC 27513

Food Tech

Atticus LLC manufactures a growing portfolio of relevant branded-generic fungicides, herbicides and insecticides for the US row crop, specialty agriculture and professional market. Their recent acquisition of Tacoma Ag, LLC is expanding their commitment to provide growers with an ever-growing portfolio of generic-branded pesticides.

Avazyme Inc

2202 Ellis Rd. Durham, Durham, NC 27703

Food Tech

Avazyme is a Solution Provider offering field and laboratory testing, product development, and expert consulting services to the agriculture and food industries. Their services include food safety analyses for pesticides and agriculture quality parameters, genetic trait testing, and food quality and nutrition analysis. These services are complemented by their development of innovative point-of-use tests and novel diagnostic solutions.

Azzur Labs LLC

1013 Passport Way, Cary, NC 27513

Food Tech

Azzur Labs, part of Azzur Group, is a leader in analytical GxP compliant testing services for the pharmaceutical, medical device, food, and cosmetic industries. Their wide range of programs include: environmental monitoring testing, cleaning validations, quantification of biological indicators, microbial identification, and others that have unparalleled testing and reporting services.


26 Davis Drive, Research Triangle, NC 27709

Food Tech

BASF Corporation develops plant health products and seed treatments and conducts plant biotechnology research with a focus on yield and quality traits in major crops. Business units in RTP include the crop protection and plant science groups.


2400 Ellis Rd, Durham, NC 27703

Food Tech

Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the life science fields of health care and agriculture. Bayer's Crop Science division uses the tools of plant biotechnology to develop seeds and products for crop protection and non-agricultural and structural pest control. Research Triangle Park serves as the North American Crop Science headquarters. The Clayton site performs pesticide and bee health research.


, Wilson, NC

Food Tech

BELIEVER Meats (formerly Future Meat Technologies) is a cultivated meat company pioneering the first scalable lab-grown meat production system that can feed the world. Founded in 2018 by Professor Yaakov Nahmias, PhD, BELIEVER's mission is to ensure that future generations can enjoy the meat we know and love. BELIEVER is building a better future for people, animals and the planet with meat that is delicious, sustainable, nutritious, and broadly accessible. For more information, visit us at

Benanova Inc.

Partners 2, Centennial Campus, Raleigh, NC 27606

BENANOVA Inc. is a science startup company from the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department at NC State University. The Company commercializes novel cost-efficient environmentally benign particle systems (EbNPs) made of natural materials, which can leverage the functional properties of bioactive agents.


, , NC

Plant Science

We combine Synthetic Biology and Gene Editing to develop herbicide resistant crops. Heurik™, one of our technology platforms, integrates rational design and directed evolution to identify mutations which confers herbicide tolerance. Swap™ is the platform that introduces these mutations in crops using gene editing.


2810 Meridian Parkway, Durham, NC 27713

Animal Health

BioIVT provides control and disease state biological specimens, including human and animal tissues, cell products, blood and other biofluids. Its Durham site develops cell-based drug toxicity-testing products based on the company?s proprietary hepatocyte technology.

Biological Applied Research

204 Bentpine Drive, Raleigh, NC 27603

Food Tech

Biological Applied Research provides efficacy testing of agricultural chemicals such as fungicides and nematicides on various crops, including fruit and vegetables.


410 Wayfield Lane, Cary, NC 27518

Animal Health

BioNarus provides research & development consulting services for the animal nutrition industry, specializing in animal feed, animal nutrition, & analysis. BioNarus has developed close relationships with leading experts in animal science by managing more than 150 research collaborations at over 60 institutions around the globe.

BioResource International Inc.

4222 Emperor Blvd, Durham, NC 27703

Animal Health

BRI is a leading developer and supplier of feed additives that help poultry, swine and aqua producers optimize performance and gut health. They specialize in the research, development, and manufacture of unique enzyme feed additives that improve animal nutrition and growth and may act as a natural alternative to antibiotic growth promoters.


, , NC

Plant Science

Biotalys is a rapidly growing and transformative food and crop protection company developing a new generation of protein-based biocontrol solutions, shaping the future of sustainable and safe food supply. Based on its groundbreaking technology platform, Biotalys has developed a broad pipeline of effective and safe products that address key crop pests and diseases across the whole value chain, from soil to plate.


5 Laboratory Drive Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Food Tech

Boragen is a small molecule development company focused on leveraging the unique chemical properties of Boron chemistry, both in crop protection and animal health. Boragen?s novel synthetic chemistry platform has three primary foci: harnessing a novel mode of action, challenging resistant pathogens, and reducing overall pesticide usage through innovative, synergistic combinations.

Botanics Integrated

99 TW Alexander Drive, Durham, NC 27709

Food Tech

Botanics focuses on delivering biochemically standardized botanical extracts based on our scientific research. Botanics thoroughly researches each extract and proves scientifically that it will benefit human health. Based on its research, we develop the ideal formulation with the appropriate concentration levels to derive our products through our exclusive manufacturer. Botanics International runs its Research & Development laboratory in the heart of America's research center -- Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Cotton Inc.

6399 Weston Pkwy, Cary, NC 27513

Food Tech

Cotton Incorporated?s Agricultural & Environmental Research Division improves cotton cultivation through genetic and biotechnology tools, enhancing yield, quality and resistance of cotton varieties.

Crop Microclimate Management

PO Box 178, Apex, NC 27502

Food Tech

CMM researches and develops technologies to improve crop productivity by mitigating the impact of environmental stresses. Their mission is to provide growers with the means to increase crop yield and quality with easy to use, cost-effective and sustainable technologies.

Demeter Biosciences LLC

3817 Sky Meadow Drive, Apex, NC 27539

Animal Health

Demeter Biosciences provides novel and nutritious plankton-based feeds to the aquaculture industry and ornamental aquarium enthusiasts.

Ecoblend LLC

PO Box 1887, Pittsboro, NC 27312

Food Tech

Ecoblend LLC develops and manufactures organic weed and pest control products. Ecoblend offers safe and effective alternatives to toxic chemical-based herbicides and pesticides with ingredients sourced largely from farms located in the Southeastern United States.

Edison Agrosciences

100 Capitola Dr, Durham, NC 27713

Food Tech

Edison Agrosciences is an agricultural biotechnology company that engineers yield improvements and the plant-based production of industrial materials, with a primary focus on the development of alternative rubber crops in sunflower. Their emerging IP portfolio covers multiple technical strategies and critical partnerships mitigate the risk of pilot scale crop and product validation.

Elo Life Systems

5 Laboratory Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Food Tech

Elo Life Systems develops Precision Biosciences' technology, called Directed Nuclease Editor, to site-specifically insert or remove traits at a user-defined location in the genome of row crops, biofuel feedstocks and other plants.


, , NC

Animal Health

EnviroFlight is a company specializing in sustainable animal and plant nutrition. It produces feed using black soldier fly larvae from oven-dried larvae, which is an alternative insect protein source.


150 Research Campus Drive, , NC 28081

Plant Science

Eremid is a high complexity genomics CRO, focusing on science that influences human health and agbiotech. The company offers specialist expertise in nucleic acid extraction, long and short read sequencing technologies, and data analysis, delivering high quality research-enhancing data through customized, collaborative projects. Eremid has invested in world-class scientific staff, and cutting-edge genomic instrumentation and automation to create an offering that meets the increasing demands for higher data quality, reliability, and accuracy in genomics research.

Fair Products Inc

PO Box 386, Cary, NC 27512-0386

Food Tech

Fair Products Inc manufactures and distributes tobacco crop care products including insecticides, sucker control, ripeners and fertilizers. Their most complete and versatile group of products are available to growers of most types of tobacco plants today.


PO Box 91176, Raleigh, NC 27675

Ag Data Science

FieldX?is an agricultural record-keeping tool for producers, agronomists, and applicators. The FieldX software suite is an easy-to-use cloud-based and mobile system to record and synchronize agricultural data.

FMC Agricultural Solutions

, , NC

Food Tech

FMC develops biological crop protection products. The RTP location conducts research on plant-microbe interactions.


2655 Meridian Parkway, Durham, NC 27713

Ag Data Science

Since 2006, FoodLogiQ has been developing solutions that meet the increasingly complex global food chain issues and vast web of regulations that face all modern food companies. Their technology enables supplier management, food safety compliance, quality incident management, recall management and whole chain traceability ? all on a single platform built exclusively for the food industry.

Galaxy Diagnostics

7020 Kit Creek Rd, Research Triangle, NC 27709

Animal Health

Galaxy Diagnostics develops assays and provides molecular and serology testing for flea- and tick-borne infectious disease for physicians, veterinarians and clinical research.

Genoverde Biosciences Inc

205 W. Davie St., Raleigh, NC 27601

Food Tech

Genoverde is an agricultural biotechnology company dedicated to improving yield of commercially important, non-food crops. It is currently developing a cell wall gene platform technology used to increase biomass production in non-food crops.

Greenlight Biosciences

2 Davis Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Food Tech

Greenlight has developed a cell-free bioprocessing method for the low-cost production of RNA for use in research in vaccine development, pandemic preparation, crop management and crop pesticides. Their products are designed to address many different global issues in an economical, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and highly specific manner.

Greenwich Biosciences

, , NC

Food Tech

Greenwich develops cannabinoid prescription medicines and other plant-based pharmaceuticals. Greenwich Biosciences is the first company to pursue and receive FDA approval for a plant-derived cannabinoid therapy to address difficult to treat conditions with significant unmet needs.

Growers Holdings Inc.

3835 Generosity Court, Garner, NC 27529

Ag Data Science

Growers is a leader in the field of process and data-driven farming, Growers provides a full-service and field-tested solution to farmers that are looking for ways to maximize productivity on every inch of their land. Growers provides complete support for soil variability, Rx development, equipment support, tech support, and data interpretation.

Harpe Bio Herbicide

, , NC

Plant Science

Harpe BioHerbicide Solutions, Inc. is an agricultural technology company focused on development of natural, non-selective herbicide formulations using a series of active compounds found in plant extracts. When formulated, these natural compounds control a broad range of broadleaf and grass seeds and weeds, including those resistant to current synthetic herbicides.

HIPRA Scientific USA

1001 William Moore Drive, Raleigh, NC 27607

Animal Health

HIPRA researches and develops vaccines, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals for animal health. Their own commercial subsidiaries and global distribution network allows them to reach customers in more than 100 countries.


220 Lorax Ln, Pittsboro, NC 27312

Food Tech

HOMS develops, manufactures and markets natural products for pest management.

Hoofprint Biome

, , AL

Animal Health

Hoofprint Biome is engineering probiotics for more efficient and sustainable ruminant livestock production. Its first product eliminates methane from cattle while improving animal performance.

Iluma Innovation Labs

1307 Person St, Durham, NC 27703

Animal Health

The Iluma Alliance is  an ecosystem that creates value for the feed and food industry—an ecosystem for innovation where new technologies grow to contribute to a better-nourished world with evidence-based solutions. To achieve our purpose, we are constantly building a network of people and partners who want to contribute their expertise, experience, and capabilities to speed up our processes and design solutions for a more significant impact. 

Our products and services are commercially deployed by our allies Premex, Alura, Okuo, Asimetrix and Nutreo.

ImmunoReagents Inc.

6003 Chapel Hill Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607

Animal Health

ImmunoReagents is the direct US manufacturer of quality antibodies and reagents used in research and in vitro diagnostics. With their location in close proximity to NCSU Veterinary School and the veterinary market for antibodies showing significant potential, ImmunoReagents is working on a product line expansion that would benefit the livestock community.

Indigo Agriculture

5 Laboratory Drive, Research Triangle, NC 27709

Food Tech

Indigo develops microbial and digital technologies that improve grower profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health. These technologies underpin its pioneering business model, which spans agriculture?s full value chain.

IngateyGen LLC

2 Davis Drive, Durham, NC 27709

Food Tech

IngateyGen is using innovative molecular biology techniques to not just improve peanut traits, but we aim to eradicate the biggest challenges facing peanut as a crop. IngateyGen's mission is to deliver innovative peanut varieties with improved safety and nutritional value to enhance health and wellness benefits for consumers by partnering with the peanut value chain. The flagship project is an allergen-free peanut variety, and additionally IngateyGen is working to develop a non-separating peanut butter as well as a high protein peanut variety.  

Inter-regional Research Project #4

, , NC

The Inter-regional Research Project No. 4 ? IR-4 for short ? conducts the investigations necessary to register chemical pesticides and biopesticides used on hundreds of the nation?s smaller-volume specialized crops. These include fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, spices, ornamentals and flowers that are used for food or medicinal purposes, or that are visually appealing.

Isagro USA Inc.

430 Davis Drive, Morrisville, NC 27560

Food Tech

Isagro is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Isagro SpA that sells and markets crop protection products. They offer an ever-expanding bio-solutions portfolio designed to serve growers seeking to meet consumer demand for more natural and organic food production.

LeafPro LLC

4744 Potato House Court, Wilson, NC 27893

Food Tech

LeafPro develops new technologies for producing naturally occurring proteins and coproducts from plant biomass.

LemnaTec Corp

15 TW Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27713

Food Tech

LemnaTec is a global specialist for digital phenotyping and seed testing. They deliver solutions for non-invasive sensor-based phenotyping of plants and other organisms.


104 T. W. Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Food Tech

LifeEDIT, an AgBiome subsidiary, uses its bioinformatic pipeline to mine a microbial genome sequence database to develop gene editing systems. Systems are used in therapeutic and agriculture gene editing applications in-house and through partnerships.

Medicago USA

7 Triangle Drive, Durham, NC 27713

Animal Health

Medicago's technologies represent a disruptive approach to vaccines, therapeutic proteins, and disease response. The manufacturing facility in RTP currently produces vaccines for our clinical studies and will soon support the commercial launch of our quadrivalent VLP influenza vaccine candidate.

Metabolon Inc.

617 Davis Drive, Morrisville, NC 27560

Animal Health

Metabolon is advancing the science of metabolomics for the clinic and life sciences research. Its technology and data are used for biomarker discovery, diagnostic test development, and genomics and population health initiatives.

Microbac Laboratories Inc.

3809 Airport Drive, WIlson, NC 27896

Food Tech

Microbac Laboratories offers a diverse work portfolio including broad analytical offerings and tested insights across the environmental, food and life science markets with 50 years of experience. The Wilson laboratory specializes in chemical and microbiological testing services for the agrochemical, pharmaceutical, tobacco and consumer products industries.

Mimetics LLC

6 Davis Drive, Durham, NC 27709

Ag Data Science

Mimetics provides a suite of biocomputation algorithms for analyzing cellular-level networks from gene expression data.

Mycosynthetix Inc.

505 Meadowlands Drive, Hillsborough, NC 27278

Animal Health Food Tech

Mycosynthetix manages a large collection of fungal isolates and discovers novel fungal metabolites for human and animal health and compounds for agricultural applications.

Novozymes BioAg

9000 Development Drive, Morrisville, NC 27560

Food Tech

NovoZymes BioAg develops microbial-based bio fertility, biocontrol, and bioyield enhancer products for agriculture. The Morrisville site focuses on fermentation and production technology. The Durham site focuses on product research and development.

Novozymes North America Inc.

77 Perrys Chapel Road, Franklinton, NC 27525

Animal Health Food Tech

Novozymes North America researches, develops and manufactures enzymes, microorganisms and biopharmaceutical ingredients used in industries including agriculture, baking, biofuels, brewing, detergents, food, feed and textiles. The Franklinton site manufactures enzymes.

Nufarm Americas Inc.

4020 Aerial Center Parkway, Morrisville, NC 27560

Food Tech

Nufarm manufactures and markets insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators and herbicides. The Morrisville site serves as Nufarm?s primary research and development facility in the United States.

Oerth Bio

, , NC

Plant Science

Oerth Bio is an early-stage agricultural biotechnology company developing an entirely new class of crop protection based on targeted protein degradation. As a joint venture between Arvinas and Bayer, Oerth Bio leverages Arvinas? expertise in targeted protein degradation and Bayer?s decades of experience in developing both human therapies and innovative, sustainable agricultural technologies to achieve its mission of significantly impacting the resilience and durability of our global food supply.

Opulent Americas

807 Spring Forest Road, Raleigh, NC 27609

Ag Data Science

Opulent Americas is a fully integrated, global manufacturer for the LED lighting, automotive and medical industries. They provide LED lighting that is developed as optimal for horticulture and easy to use.


110 TW Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Food Tech

Driven by the belief that healthy food should be affordable, convenient, and sustainable, Pairwise is bringing together leaders in agriculture and technology to harness the potential of genome editing to address consumers? and farmers? needs. From developing novel genome editing tools to leveraging the natural genetic diversity of plants, Pairwise is working to address the challenges of today and the future.

PhytoBiotics North American LLC

202 New Edition Court, Cary, NC 27511

Animal Health Food Tech

Phytobiotics is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of high quality performance products, serving the animal production, agriculture and biogas industry. PhytoBiotics develops different products and services to increase performance of livestock including poultry, ruminants and swine.

PhytoPharmacon Inc.

158 Hein Drive, Garner, NC 27529

Food Tech

PhytoPharmacon offers high-throughput screening, lab and pilot scale extract processing, downstream lead processing and purification and full-scale supply of natural products for the food, nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharma research industries. It is a natural botanical product library ingredient company focusing on value added ingredients not widely available.

Plant Health Care Inc.

2626 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27608

Food Tech

Plant Health Care develops technologies that protect crops from diseases and environmental stresses, leading to increased crop yield and quality. Their use of environmentally friendly peptides and innovative, patent-protected products help growers maintain a high quality while still being compatible with mainstream agricultural practices.

Plant Impact Inc.

3005 Carrington Mill Boulevard, Morrisville, NC 27560

Food Tech

Plant Impact researches and develops crop enhancement products, including foliar sprays and seed coatings. The RTP office directs research and is the company?s North American headquarters for sales, marketing and technical support.

Plant Pathways Co.

, , AL

Food Tech Plant Science

The Plant Pathways Company was founded on a simple premise: Utilize science, technologies and expertise to empower Agriculture, improve Wellbeing & Nutrition and protect the Planet. This also means improving the livelihood of farmers and agricultural communities.

PlantResponse Biotech Inc.

100 Capitola Drive, Durham, NC 27713

Food Tech

PlantResponse develops solutions to different types of botanical stress for crop management. Their technology focuses on improving crop performance, obtaining better yields, and growing high-quality crops.


8601 Six Forks Road, Raleigh, NC 27615

Ag Data Science

PrecisionHawk is a commercial drone and data company. Their PrecisionAnalytics?Agriculture is a web-based portal designed specifically for agriculture users. It automatically processes aerial imagery into 2D maps and 3D elevation models, features a continuously expanding library of on-demand analysis tools, and makes sharing data easy.

Premex Innovation Labs

1307 Person Street, Durham, NC 27703

Animal Health

Premex develops, manufactures and markets nutritional ingredients for animals. This location conducts research on feed additives for animal nutrition.

Rx Maker Inc.

100 Capitola Drive, Durham, NC 27713

Ag Data Science

Rx Maker develops crops, soils, and weather algorithms used to drive selection of crops, crop varieties, fertilizer nutrients, soil amendments and biological products.

SBM Life Science Cooperation

1001 Winstead Dr One Suite 500, Cary, NC 27513

Food Tech

SBM creates, registers, manufactures and markets care?and protection products for crops, plants and the home.

ScitoVation LLC

100 Capitola Drive, Durham, NC 27713

Food Tech

ScitoVation supports and advances research on the effects of chemical compounds on human health. ScitoVation works with clients to develop safer pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, agricultural chemicals, commodity chemicals and consumer products.

Sipcam Agro USA Inc.

2525 Meridian Parkway, Durham, NC 27713

Food Tech

Sipcam Agro USA is a part of the international network of companies that make up the Sipcam Oxon Group, an Italian corporation with subsidiaries worldwide. They develop and manufacture herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and biocides.

Soil Health Institute

2803 Slater Road, Morrisville, NC 27560

Food Tech

The Soil Health Institute conducts soil health research to develop soil health management practices and systems. SHI partners with stakeholders to advance soil health through policy guidance, education and other initiatives.

Symmetry Biosciences Inc.

617 Hutton Street, Raleigh, NC 27606

Food Tech

Symmetry provides contract research, specialized chemistry services and bioanalytic services to the biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, agrochemical and fine chemical industries.

Synchrony Labs LLC

3908 Patriot Drive Suite 170, Durham, NC 27703

Animal Health Food Tech

Synchrony Labs is an AAALAC-accredited large-animal, preclinical contract research organization. It provides preclinical testing services, specializing in models for safety, toxicology and efficacy studies.

Syngenta Crop Protection LLC

9 Davis Drive, Research Triangle, NC 27709

Food Tech

Syngenta Crop Protection works to increase plant yield by developing products for disease, insect and weed control and drought tolerance. The Greensboro site is the North American headquarters and performs crop protection product development. The Innovation Center in RTP is the company?s seeds center of excellence and includes the Adcanced Crop Lab.


133 Southcenter Court, Morrisville, NC 27560

Animal Health Food Tech

TARGAN (formerly Applied LifeSciences and Systems) was founded in 2015 by an experienced team of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs. They started with an idea sketched on the back of a napkin which has now matured into a robust set of solutions for commercial food producers. Our global headquarters is based in Morrisville, North Carolina where we support a healthier, more sustainable food supply by engineering precise, effective, and animal-friendly technologies.

TerMir Inc.

501 Cole Street, Raleigh, NC 27605

Food Tech

TerMir is focusing their initial project on developing an antibacterial agent to treat invasive citrus greening disease in US citrus. The product can be applied via irrigation water or as a spray on foliage application.

Terregena Inc.

10517 Whitestone Road, Raleigh, NC 27615

Animal Health

Terregena Inc. is dedicated to bringing unique, state-of-the-art technologies and products to the agricultural, animal health and veterinary communities worldwide. Terregena provides natural, organic pesticides that are effective, economical and free of toxins. We also provide beneficial insects and ECHO backpack sprayers for a complete pest solution. Terregena focuses on research based products developed from new technologies that are natural, animal, human and environmentally friendly.

Tiamat Sciences Corp.

9 Laboratory Drive, Durham, NC 27709

Food Tech

Tiamat is developing a plant molecular farming technology to manufacture affordable growth factors and other proteins that will make cell-based meats a mainstream alternative. Its unique technology allows it superior flexibility with an affordable production system and a scale-up potential up to the clean-meat requirements


7020 Kit Creek Rd, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Food Tech Plant Science

Computational biology and genome editing are two critical pillars of technology-driven innovation in life sciences.  However, agriculture has been slow to fully adopt, integrate and scale these technological advances to combat global hunger, climate change, nutritional insecurity and sustainable agriculture.

Trana Discovery Inc.

2054-260 Kildaire Farm Road, Cary, NC 27518

Food Tech

Trana Discovery provides a proprietary anti-infective discovery technology platform that enables its partners to discover new treatments of bacterial, viral and fungal infectious diseases in crops, animals and humans.

Triangle Biofuels Industries Inc.

1724 Baldree Rd S, Wilson, NC 27893

Food Tech

Triangle BioFuels makes biodiesel from vegetable oils obtained from domestic sources. Target markets are agricultural, marine, government and commercial consumers.

TyraTech Inc.

5151 McCrimmon Pkwy, Morrisville, NC 27560

Animal Health

TyraTech develops and commercializes insect and parasite protection products for human and animal markets without the use of synthetic pesticides. Their first focus in animal health is on livestock and production operations due to the current challenges to existing pesticide practices.


15401 Weston Parkway, Cary, NC 27513

Food Tech

UPL develops, manufactures and provides agricultural solutions for row and specialty crops, including crop protection chemicals and seed treatments.

Upstream Biotechnology

630 Taylor's Chapel Road, Sanford, NC 27330

Plant Science

Upstream Biotechnology uses patented technology to develop broad-spectrum disease-resistant crops to eliminate pesticide use, reduce production costs, and increase crop yield.

Vengaza Inc.

840 Main Campus Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606

Food Tech

Venganza is a plant biotechnology company. It works to advance proprietary technology for engineering crops that are resistant to multiple pests, fungi, insects, nematodes, and bacteria.

Verdesian Life Sciences LLC

1001 Winstead Drive, Cary, NC 27513

Food Tech

Verdesian Life Sciences develops agricultural products with a focus in plant health, inoculants, seed treatments and nutrition. They utilize advanced science to disrupt chemical, physical and biological relationships among crops and their environment to find new interactions that benefit plant performance, water quality and soil health.


4025 Stirrup Creek Drive, Durham, NC 27709

Plant Science

Vestaron is leading a peptide-based revolution in crop protection.  We are committed to providing growers with novel, effective chemistries that address proven neuromuscular targets. Our peptides overcome existing resistance issues while offering a desired safety profile for workers, beneficials and the environment. Contact us today to learn more about how Vestaron is leading a revolution in biotech through Peptide emPOWERed Insecticides or if you have any questions about how we can become a part of your insecticide resistance management program.


6 Davis Drive, Durham, NC 27709

Ag Data Science

Vindara is a startup agriculture technology company based in Durham, NC. It was started in 2018 by John Dombrosky, the CEO of AgTech Accelerator, a startup accelerator focused on discovering and developing emerging agricultural technology companies.

Zoetis Inc.

1040 Swabia Ct, Durham, NC 27703

Animal Health

Zoetis develops and manufactures vaccines and medications for animal health. The Durham site develops and manufactures high-throughput automation and biodevices for the poultry industry, including in-ovo vaccination technology.