A Partner in Data Science


The NC State Data Science Academy was launched in March 2021 to build community, communication, and collaboration around the data sciences across the university’s 10 colleges- and across the globe through external partnerships.

Rachel Levy, executive director of the Data Science Academy works with CALS students, faculty, and Extension agents to expand their capacity for next-generation agricultural research while also helping to support external partnerships with the states growing agriculture industry.

“Data science is for everyone at NC. State,” Levy said. “It’s our vision to operationalize that belief and to build, enhance and support data science in all aspects of the university’s mission.”

Levy collaborates with CALS Raceuch Assistant Professor Daniela Jones. who established NC State’s Ag Data Science Certificate program, an Innovative 12-credit course for industry professionals and graduate students. The program fils a vital need for data management, analysis, computer science and statistical training in the agriculture, food and life science he las. Levy selves as a putter and a resource for Jones on data science teaching, learning and course development.

Goodnight Distinguished Professor Cranos Williams, the N.C. Plant Sciences
Initiatives platform for data-driven plant sciences consults with Levy on research infrastructure and support as he and his interdisciplinary team of researchers develop ways to collect, store and manage massive amounts of data from field sensors and other sources for use across multiple research projects.

Levy is also working with state Extension specialists and Assistant professors Jason Ward and Stephanie Ward to make data science more accessible for growers and their consultants. As part of her efforts to connect with industry, Levy recently discussed data science alongside ward at a presentation for the NC Soybean Growers Association.

“It was clear that farmers are interested in learning from their data, and they View NC State as a partner in building their capacity.” Levy said, “we want to have even richer conversations with farmers about their data as everyone builds new skills and explores the ever-changing array of tools.”

Levy says these efforts are just the beginning.

“CALS has been a welcoming and enthusiastic partner,” Levy said. “we have been fortunate to be supported and encouraged by Dean Linton and Associate Dean Bonanno, and we are excited to continue working with CALS as John Dole moves into his role as interim dean and Adrian Percy continues to build the N.C. Plant Sciences Initiative.”

Original Article Source: CALS Magazine [NCSU]