Why The Region


Rich Legacy in Agriculture + Home to a Global Workforce

The Research Triangle region of North Carolina is an academic and agricultural powerhouse. The Triangle region is known for its highly-skilled workforce, top resources for research and development, strategic east coast location, and wide range of industry sectors.

Drone demo at Lake Wheeler. Photo by Marc Hall

Ag Data Science

Harnessing the power of Ag Data Science creates endless possibilities for leveraging analytics to monitor and predict changes related to the environment, food production, and animal health. The Triangle’s Ag Data Science sub-sector has quickly become a launchpad for powering advancements in Agriculture.


Food Technology

Food Technology companies have it all in the Research Triangle region. With billions of people on planet earth, strengthening the global food supply starts here. With over 1,200 food and beverage manufacturing establishments in the state, access to resources, partners, innovation, and transportation, are a few reasons why the Food Technology sub-sector is thriving.

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Animal Health

Animal Health companies have direct access to our dynamic talent. Our talent will fuel your company's growth, from cross-trained engineers to biologists with real-life experience. It takes a village of skilled talent to manage an animal-based operation with hundreds of variables effectively.


Plant Science

There are an incredible amount of variables that impact agriculture. In the Plant Science sub-sector, understanding the effects of a growing population, reduction of land, climate shifts, and pests contribute to the need to study plants. This is why the NC Plant Science Initiative (PSI) is groundbreaking in advancing technology to enhance crops, manage seasons, and increase sustainability.


Your destination
for growth



Lowest Corporate Income Tax Rate (in the U.S.)



Establishment Food and Beverage Manufacturers



Life Science Companies and 24,000+ employees in biotech and pharma



Best Place to Live in 2022 (Raleigh, NC, Bankrate, 2022)



Top Global Biotechnology Hub (Raleigh-Durham, NC, Hickey & Assoc., 2022)



Top Biopharma Leaders in America (Raleigh-Durham, NC, Business Facilities, 2022)

A Global Workforce

Our region is home to 12 colleges and universities. Our top-tier research universities produce over 60,000 annual graduates, creating a highly educated workforce with the technical skills to meet the demands of the growing AgTech industry.

Bold Ideas Thrive

Businesses are more innovative, creative, and successful if they are within close proximity to each other. Whether creating the next animal vaccine, building proprietary lab equipment, or experimenting with food proteins, you will find support, resources, and access to information here.

Diverse Industry

The Triangle Region supports international and local companies across multiple industries, including AgTech, Cleantech, Life Sciences, Advantaged Manufacturing, and Technology. From legendary corporations to disruptive startups, we support businesses of all sizes.

Regional Connectivity

Strategically located between New York and Miami, North Carolina is centrally positioned to be easily accessible to domestic and international locations. The state has connections to U.S. and international markets, with non-stop flights to Montreal, London, and Paris.